4m Split Charge Relay Kit 12v 140Amp Voltage Sense Relay Automotive Motorhome



Split Charge Relay Kit

Voltage sensitive relay, 12 volt 140 amp with red LED indicator. Allows split charging of second battery bank without discharging the primary/start battery, relay makes at 13.3 volts and breaks at 12.65 volt. l 68 x w 54 x h 68mm. CE approved.

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A 5 second delay operates when the voltage falls below the cut-out voltage to prevent nuisance cut-out due to high intermittent loads on the battery. Supplied with self-tapping screws and ring crimp terminal for ground lead.

  • 1 X 12v 140Amp Voltage Sensitive Relay
  • 4M 70Amp 10mm Red Cable
  • 1M 70Amp 10mm Black Cable
  • 1 X Pair 8mm post type Battery Connectors
  • 2 X Fuse holders.
  • 2 X 60Amp spare fuses.
  • 15 X Lugs.
  • Ring Terminals.
  • 1M Of Black And Red Heat shrink.
  • 15 X Cable Ties.
  • 10 X Adhesive cable tie fixings
  • 15 X Fixing screws
  • 1X Drill bit
  • 5M Split Black plastic conduit.
  • 1 X Reel of Flame Retardant Tape


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